After some anticipation, Apple have finally sent out their invites to the launch event for the new range of mobile phones and Apple smartwatches, and there's something very cryptic about this one.

Apple are always very secretive, but this year they have taken it to the new level.

Whether it refers to the Apple headquarters that architecturally represent an infinite loop or will the new range of handsets have something that this is hinting to? Apple are obviously very proud of their new auditorium, but we think this suggests something of the new mobile phone range in addition. Perhaps a new fast charging technology. Or does the circle on the invite symbolise a home button that we'll never see on iPhones anymore? Certainly, the font colour suggests that we might see new iPhones in gold finishes.

Apple Park in Cupertino - the corporate headquarters of Apple Inc. 

Like us, you'll be keen to find out more in a few weeks. As always, we'll be tracking the iPhone recycling prices, and will give you the run down on when best to trade in your phone to get the most towards a new one.