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Compare Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Deals

Compare and Recycle allows you to get the best deal for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge device from a variety of recyclers in different parts of the UK and abroad. On our site, you have a choice of many refurbished phones in different conditions.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge came with a cost of around £700 at the time of its release back in 2015, but has significantly dropped in price over the following years. This is due to the later release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus which devalued the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge considerably.

Why Buy a Refurbished Galaxy S6 Edge?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a number of features which will still appeal to smartphone users, including the power of the device and the camera setup. The camera setup includes a 16MP main camera lens and a 5MP front facing camera lens, and the chipset is an Exynos 7420 Octa, which gives the device power to run various apps.

The display is 5.1 inches, which is ideal for holding and navigating with one hand. The screen itself also comes with a QHD 1440 x 2560 resolution, making images appear sharp, and Super AMOLED technology, which enhances the brightness.

Why Use Compare and Recycle to Buy a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

You can search deals from all over the market, in a variety of different device conditions. As the value of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has significantly decreased, you could buy one in a ‘new’ or ‘like new’ condition, and still save money. This is because these devices have been used by someone else which will have devalued them, but otherwise they will be in full working order.

Many consumers are concerned that refurbished phones do not come with warranty, but on Compare and Recycle, you will find that this is not the case. We compare refurbished phones that come with 12 months of warranty, so you can have peace of mind that you will have a level of cover.