The wait is over. Are you ready?

We're barely half a day away from Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, taking the stage at Steve Jobs theater in Apple HQ in California to present their 2018 products.

We're about to see what new features iPhones will or won't have. Let's not hold our breath for any breakthroughs, as these took place last year when the 10th anniversary device was unveiled. But we expect Apple to live up to the hype once again, especially in the peripherals market.

Along with new iPhones, Apple is looks set to introduce a new Apple Watch, a bunch of brand new iPhone accessories, a preview of iOS 12 and "iPhone-X-looking" iPad and maybe even a low-cost MacBook.

What to expect when Tim Cook says "We have one more thing...?

We should expect three more "things". Rumour mill and sources familiar with Apple plans are pointing at two devices with OLED screen technology that will come in 6.5" and 5.8" sizes. The exterior will be same as the iPhone X with a notch housing FaceID technology, thin-bezeled display and dual rear cameras.

A supposedly actual marketing image of two OLED iPhones landed on the web showing off iPhone X styled devices in gold finish. We are not far away to see if this is the actual deal and we can tell you now they will be pricey.

According to these are actual OLED iPhones: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

In addition to high-end iPhones the world is expecting to see a low-end iPhone. We're yet to discover how low-end it will be, but sources claim Apple managed to reduce production costs by fitting a 6.1" LCD screen into iPhone X body. If Apple did this, we're eager to see the workaround they came up with to bend LCD panel to deliver almost bezel-less screen without a bottom chin. To reduce the cost of this iPhone even further, a single rear camera will be tasked with the snapping. We hope all Apple efforts will pay off and suggested price tag of £600 will be a real thing.

Source: /Leaks

How to stay tuned?

To watch today's Apple keynote that kicks off at 6pm you have a few options:
- Apple events section on their website
- Through Apple Events app on Apple TV
- Safari on macOS or iOS
- On your desktop using Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox on Windows 10 as long as browsers support MSE, H.264, and AAC.
- Join us on Twitter, we'd love to hear your reactions to every announcement.

Happy Apple Day, everyone!