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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Galaxy S8 Plus



What counts as working?

To receive the full working price your device must power on, show only minor signs of use, and have both fully functional hardware and software. Check the recycler's terms for full details.

By recycling your mobile phone you have helped safeguard our environment.

How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

Here at Compare and Recycle it is so easy to sell your Galaxy S8 Plus. Simply choose the condition your phone is in, then select an offer from one of our recyclers. Enter your details on the checkout process page and the recycling company will send you a freepost pack for you to send your phone in. If you want to receive your payment more quickly, you can print off a freepost label to send your device in which will take off a couple days that it will take to receive the payment for your device.

Once the recycling company receives your phone, they will carry out an assessment of it to make sure it is in the condition that they expected it to be in. If there is more than some slight cosmetic damage, they may make a new offer for your device or they will pay the original offer. You will then receive the payment shortly afterwards.

When Should I Sell My Samsung S8 Plus?

The S8 Plus was released at the same time as the very popular S8 in 2017. Since then it has depreciated in value, both for new devices, and for resale prices. However, you can still investigate the best times to recycle your old device to get more money for it. These typically include just before the launch of a new Samsung phone and during the Christmas period.

Why Should I Recycle My Galaxy S8 Plus?

Samsung have not built an environmentally friendly brand; as they do not disclose just how much greenhouse gas is emitted during the mining and manufacturing processes. We do know that up to 80% of the total greenhouse gases from a mobile phone are emitted during these first stages in the phone’s life cycle. With every phone not sent to landfill, there are valuable materials that can be kept in circulation, which in turn reduces the reliance on the earth’s natural resources.

Can I Sell a Broken Galaxy S8 Plus?

There are plenty of recycling companies that are keen on buying your broken phone and giving it a new lease of life. Typically, any phone with deep scratches, crack or parts not working will be classed as 'Broken'. Change the condition to see the different offers of the recyclers for your broken phone. It is essential to responsibly recycle to ensure that your device does not end up in landfill.