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Google Pixel XL

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Like its smaller sibling, the Google Pixel, the Pixel XL is a comparatively sturdy smartphone as it has Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This is a strong material which ought to be able to survive a few falls on to hard surfaces. You should try to keep your phone firmly in your grasp though as if you break your device this will reduce its value. The best way to keep your device intact is to get a phone case as this should prevent a multitude of mishaps.


The Pixel XL is not too difficult to repair overall. Before you try to make a repair though, you should note that there are some differences between the Pixel XL and the Pixel. The Pixel XL has modular components which can be replaced with relative ease when the display assembly has been taken out, plus the battery has a removal tab which makes it simple to take out of the device. On the other hand, the display assembly is not well supported, meaning that when you pry it open, you could risk damaging it. You have the option to fix your smartphone at home, or you can use one of Google’s services. This are either their walk-in service or you can send your smartphone in to get repaired.


Although Google have been keeping track of their sustainability improvements since 2007, Google’s first phone model did not have a product-specific environmental report. This was because Google started releasing environmental reports for their phones in 2018.