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Apple iPhone XS Max

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iPhone XS Max Contract Deals

The iPhone XS Max is one of the biggest iPhones that Apple has ever released. It is also one of the fastest with its powerful A12 bionic chip, and one of the best looking with its 6.1-inch OLED bezel-free screen. This phone is not cheap, so you should expect to pay a premium for this model. As we all know, the iPhone tends to hold its value for longer, so do not expect the price to drop any time soon. The best way to compare iPhone XS Max contracts is by looking at the total cost of the contract over its course to really understand how much of a premium you are paying for it. You will know how much a new phone costs, SIM-free, so take that into consideration when you are looking at the entire cost of the iPhone XS Max contract.

Is the iPhone XS Max Too Big?

At 6.1 inches, it might be one of the largest iPhones that will ever hit the market. There is no understating that this is a big phone. If you are not the type of person that is happy to hold their phone with two hands, then a smaller iPhone XS contract might be better suited to you.

Durability of the iPhone XS Max

According to Apple, the iPhone XS Max’s glass is “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone”, using “precision-machined [and] surgical-grade stainless steel”. This is quite a resilient iPhone model, but if you drop your phone from high up or it hits a hard surface, the screen is likely to smash. When you purchase a contract iPhone XS Max, you should try to keep it in as good of a condition as you can to maximise your phone’s value for when it comes to the end of your contract. You should ensure that you are using a sturdy case to protect your device for if you were to drop it on to concrete for example.

How Repairable is the iPhone XS Max?

The iPhone XS Max is a comparatively straightforward phone to repair. The display and battery are commonly replaced components with sufficient tools and know-how. However, the back glass is likely to smash if it gets dropped. If this occurs, every part will have to be taken out and the whole chassis will have to be changed. You can repair your phone on your own, or you can give your phone to Apple to be repaired. You can give your phone to an Apple Repair Centre, go to an Apple Authorised Service Provider or see a Genius in store who is responsible for implementing solutions for any issues with your device. Apple have their own insurance as well which will minimise the cost.

Is the iPhone XS Max Environmentally Friendly?

Apple publish information about the greenhouse gas emissions for each phone which is dependent on the capacity. The iPhone XS Max with a capacity of 64GB has 77kg as a total of its CO2-e emissions. The higher capacity models of the iPhone XS Max with 256GB have a total of 91kg CO2-e, and the iPhone XS with a capacity of 512GB has a total of 106kg, which makes it the least environmentally friendly of the 2019 models, and puts it near to the top as the second least environmentally friendly iPhone ever. These totals are above the average of CO2-e compared to other iPhone models, however you can save 29kg CO2-e by choosing a smaller capacity.