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Compare iPhone 8 Contracts

The iPhone 8 was released just before the iPhone X, but was announced during the same month. The iPhone 8 was a continuation of the iPhone design that everyone is familiar with. With the design remaining the same, and still with Touch ID, there is a lot to love about the iPhone 8.

The iPhone 8 came with a lot of the modern specifications of its more ‘futuristic’ sibling, with the A11 Chip processor alongside an improved camera and fast wireless charging. The iPhone 8 really is an improvement on what everyone knows and loves, so if you prefer the old design of the old iPhones, then an iPhone 8 might be the last of the series before they move to an all-screen, notch-filled display.

How to Get a Cheap iPhone 8 Contract Deal

We have some great iPhone 8 contract deals here on Compare and Recycle whereby you can filter by how much you want to pay upfront, monthly payments or you can filter by who is offering the best deal for your required aesthetics and capacity choices. We would always suggest looking at the total cost of the contract as the measure of good value. This looks at the total you will pay over the course of the contract, and sometimes can work out much higher by selecting different ratios of what you are paying upfront or with who you are thinking of having the contract with.

Want Your Phone to Be a Little Bigger?

If you are finding that there is not enough screen on the iPhone 8, then you may prefer to get the iPhone 8 Plus or you may even want to stretch to one of the newer iPhone X models to get a more optimal amount of screen for the size of the device.

Durability of the iPhone 8

At the time of its release, Apple claimed that the iPhone 8 has “the most durable glass in a smartphone ever – front and back”. Unlike some of Apple’s earlier models, the iPhone 8 has a 50% deeper strengthening layer plus a steel substructure. The iPhone 8 also has chemically hardened ion-strengthened glass, thus it should be able to withstand various drops to softer surfaces. With the addition of wireless charging, this should put less strain on the lightening port, and if you use wireless headphones, this will preserve them for even longer as the lightening port can be difficult to replace.

How Repairable Is the iPhone 8?

Repairing the iPhone 8 is straightforward once you have the proprietary tools needed to unlock parts of the casing. The iPhone 8 needs a pentalobe and tri-point screwdriver bits, and the wireless charging coil is glued to the back screen, which will increase the cost of replacement and repair. The display and battery on the other hand are relatively easy to access and replace. Replacing the less commonly broken features such as the TouchID or the lightening port requires more precision, as these components are housed under multiple brackets. Flex cables and water resistance on the seals further complicate access to these areas.

How Sustainable Is the iPhone 8?

Apple publish information regarding the greenhouse gas emissions of each device which depends on each device’s capacity. For the iPhone 8, the total of its greenhouse gas emissions is 57kg. Compared to other iPhone models, this is below the average total of greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your device, then you can use your storage efficiently to save up to 40% of the CO2-e emissions of your iPhone.