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iPhone 6S Contract Deals

The iPhone 6S was the first to introduce 4K video recording and with the brighter and better 4.7-inch screen, you can watch home movies and videos with more clarity than ever before. The 12 megapixel camera is the key feature of the iPhone 6S, making pictures really pop, especially with the animated photos feature now available with the iPhone 6S.

The operating system has gone through a range of improvements to give the device a better battery life. It has the same great looks as the iPhone 6 from being made up of the same shell, but under the chassis is a much better phone than the 6.

What Contracts Are Available for the iPhone 6S?

We have compiled the available contracts for the iPhone 6S, so that you can compare the best deals online. You can filter by capacity (we would recommend the higher capacity model) and colour, with a choice of gold, grey, rose gold and silver. If you need a slightly bigger screen, then you can find iPhone 6S Plus contract deals here.

Durability of the iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S is a relatively sturdy model and therefore should be able to withstand a few short drops on to surfaces such as wood or carpet. The iPhone 6S has ion-strengthened glass, which is a method used to chemically harden glass. Nonetheless, you should try to avoid any accidents as much as possible. If you drop your phone from a considerable height or it hits concrete, it is most likely to smash. When you buy a contract iPhone 6S, you should aim to keep it in as good of a condition as possible to maximise your phone’s value for when you eventually wish to sell it. It is strongly recommended to use a good phone case to protect your phone in case you were to drop it on to a hard surface.

iPhone 6S Repairability

Despite our best efforts to keep our phones in good condition, accidents still happen. Therefore, it is useful to know what to do in the event of a part or parts of your contract iPhone 6S breaking. The iPhone 6S is quite an easy device to fix. With enough knowledge and tools, commonly replaced parts such as the battery or the display are relatively simple to access and replace. Nonetheless, you will have to buy a speciality screwdriver to remove the proprietary pentalobe screws on the exterior. You can fix your device on your own, or Apple can repair your phone for you. You can send your iPhone 6S to an Apple Repair Centre, visit an Apple Authorised Service Provider or visit a Genius in store who is responsible for finding solutions for any issues with your iPhone 6S. Apple also provide their own insurance which lowers the cost of repairs for your contract iPhone 6S considerably (pricing can be found on their website).

Sustainability of the iPhone 6S

Apple provide data about the greenhouse gas emissions for each device which differs by capacity. The iPhone 6S’s total of its CO2-e emissions is 54kg. Compared to other iPhone models, this is below the average total. You can also take matters into your own hands to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of your device. If you are efficient with your storage, you can save up to 40% of CO2 emissions.