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Apple iPhone 11

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Apple iPhone 11 Contract Deals

The iPhone 11 is widely regarded as the successor to the iPhone XR, Apple’s answer to a more ‘budget’ device. It is Apple’s thirteenth generation of a low budget iPhone, released in 2019. It comes with an A13 Bionic chip and a rear camera set-up which includes an ultra-wide dual camera system. The colour options for this model are black, green, purple, red, and yellow.

Cheap iPhone 11 Contract Deals

If you want to get a cheap contract deal for an iPhone 11, then the lower capacity version of the iPhone 11 is the way to get the current crop of iPhone for the lowest price. This could save you up to £200. Other options are to buy the phone outright, and if you have the money to do so, you can save yourself a considerable amount over the course of a contract.

Is the iPhone 11 Right for Me?

An iPhone will suit you if your current device needs to be upgraded, you plan on using this smartphone frequently, and if you can afford it. It might be within your budget as the iPhone 11 is a cheaper device than its siblings in the series (the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max). One of the main advantages of getting an iPhone 11 is that it is likely to retain its value for longer than devices from other manufacturers.

Is the iPhone 11 durable?

The iPhone 11 is likely to break when dropped, so you need to be careful with it. If you drop your phone on to a hard surface such as concrete, the front glass is likely to shatter. The back glass is also likely to suffer a similar fate. The device itself is a lot more modular than previous versions, allowing for easy replacement of the screen, however the rear glass if smashed, is difficult and expensive to replace, so best to keep the phone in a protective case.

Is the iPhone 11 hard to repair?

The iPhone 11 is a relatively simple device to repair; however, you will need to get some specialist tools if you plan to fix it yourself. It has a prioritised display which is easier than replace than what some other smartphones have, and you can swap the display without having to get rid of Face ID. On the other hand, there are certain challenging aspects of this device to fix, namely its proprietary screws, and the fact that the iPhone 11’s easily breakable back glass can only be replaced via a full case swap. As smartphones these days go however, it is far from the worst.

How sustainable is the iPhone 11?

The 64GB and 128GB capacity versions of the iPhone 11 are lower than the average total emissions across all iPhones. However, the average CO2-e emissions of iPhones is now 79, which is very high. The 256GB version of the iPhone 11 is a huge 89 CO2-e. While these emissions are high, you may want to consider that Apple publishes an annual environmental sustainability report which outlines the steps that they take across their supply chain to promote green methods for production. This is a lot more than other smartphone manufacturers do, which might convince you to choose Apple.